Lukwesa is highly experienced and available to provide the following services:

TV & Radio Presenter Training

Learn the basics or enjoy a refresher course on how to present on TV and Radio: Talking to camera, writing scripts, editing, live broadcasting, trouble-shooting, reading to pictures, ad-libbing, body language, walk-& talk skills etc…

Corporate Event MC/Hosting

Personable, professional  and reliable host to ensure your event is a success: Award Ceremonies, Promotions, Speaker, Interviewer, Corporate Events, Brand Promotions etc…


Provide the perfect voiceover for your product, company or event.


Commentary or Review over a range of subjects ranging from Current News, Health, Lifestyle and Beauty to Children.

Media Training

Learn how to handle yourself in a high pressure Media environment.

Image Consultancy

Learn the tricks of presenting a more polished, groomed and confident public image.

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